“Super Food”-Quinoa finds its spot in Nutrisystem

Introduction to Quinoa: what is Quinoa? Quinoa also known as “Golden seed” by many is a seed which can be prepared as a whole grain like rice and barley.

The United Nations has designated 2013 as “The International year of Quinoa” after identifying the crop as a potential source of success against the fight on world hunger.
Quinoa has been proposed by Bolivian President Evo Morales in the fight against world hunger during his speech at the United Nations forum for Food and Agriculture (Food and Agriculture Organization – FAO) in Rome.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization promoted Quinoa as an important contributor for Global food security and against fighting hunger. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon also supported “The international year of Quinoa” further adding that “Quinoa can grow even in diverse climatic and environmental conditions, including land with scarce rainfall, which is an ideal crop for adapting in this present global warming threat that we face today where dissertation and erosions are more pressing than ever.

Quinoa, native to the Andes and cultivated for over 7000 years, is well known for its nutritional benefits and its adaptability to the environment. The boluvian Minister of Rural Development and Land, Nemesia Achcollo also urged all scientists and experts to work in parallel with the producers to plan a common strategic alliance in the fight against hunger.
Quinoa being Gluten free, low in fat, rich in omega 3, iron and protein-this seed belongs to the family Chenopodiaceous, such as beets and spinach, is considered as one of the most healthy and whole foods. In addition, the plant is very resistant to climate changes induced by global warming. Quinoa can be grown at temperatures ranging from – 4 to 38 ∞ C and a relative humidity of from 40 to 88%. For this purpose, “the gold seed” could become an “alternative for countries that are faced with food insecurity “as per the statement from the FAO.

Nutritional benefits of Quinoa and Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem incorporated quinoa as a miracle seed which has been proven to have multiple nutritional values from where the human body can derive the maximum goodness of protein, fiber, vitamin and minerals that is essential for the body to remain fit and healthy. The added bonus of this wholesome food is that quinoa is a weight loss friendly food and has so much to offer.

Weight trouble is one of the most common and difficult problem to overcome that many people struggle with everyday. Maintaining a healthy weight and living on a well nourished diet solves almost every health issues and complication and prevents from the risk of being exposed to chronic disease.

Nutrisytem has incorporated strategic meal plans based on the proven health benefits that might interest you, the fact that, Quinoa is most importantly Gluten free, incredibly nutritious, high in fiber and minerals, improves metabolic health, it is loaded with antioxidant, rich in minerals and above all weight loss friendly food.