Losing weight is no longer a struggle…Thanks to Nutrisystem!

Hey there, I am Rebecca. I’m 41 years old and I’ve been working as a journalist for twelve years now. I was struggling with my weight till last year. That was when I first heard about the Nutrisystem program from a friend I went to college with. She sounded very excited, and I thought I might just give it a try. First, let me tell you about my weight loss journey, and how I regained my confidence, and then I shall move towards more information aboutNutrisystem.

In my early thirties, I was still happy about how good in shape I was. After finally getting my chance to interview people, I started traveling a lot. Traveling was great; I was meeting new people, learning new things and trying cuisines of different states. It wasn’t long till I realized how much I had been eating, and how I had no time to go to the gym. I would look at old pictures of the time when my girlfriends and I went to the beach and flaunted our in-shape-bodies, and feel bad for not being able to maintain that.  Every time I came back home, my college friends and I would go out for a few drinks, and I was tired of hearing them say “Oh, Becka, you’ve gained a little weight”. It really was like a nightmare, especially because I knew it wasn’t just ‘a little weight’; I was completely out of shape!

Frankly, I wasn’t very excited about the program in the beginning. I had tried everything to lose weight, and I had given up so many times that I refused to believe that changing my diet to the Nutrisystem meals would help me at all. But after constant nagging from a friend from college, I decided to give it a try. My friend handed me a code and told me to visit their website for other offers.

Nutrisystem gives you what they guarantee!

The first thing I noticed when I visited their website was their ‘lose 5 lbs+ 1 inch off your waist in your first week or money back’ guarantee. Seeing this, I finally decided to sign up. I was very skeptical at first, especially because I had tried jogging, and eating salads, and everything, but I couldn’t continue to do any of that regularly. My work schedules were so unpredictable that continuing a certain work out or eating healthy was a real struggle. With Nutrisystem, I could eat six scheduled meals a day and not worry about having to join the gym. In my first week, I lost six lbs and an inch off my waist. This instantaneous result inspired me even more to continue the Nutrisystem program, and started checking the newspapers for more Nutrisystem promotion codes to cut down costs while losing weight.

You can still get to choose what you want to eat

Nutrisystem allows you to choose from a large variety of food. You might say you’re on a diet but you can still have buttermilk waffles for breakfast, grilled chicken sandwich for lunch, chocolate cupcake for a snack and margherita pizza for dinner, along with a creamy chocolate shake mix, all packed by Nutrisystem. These foodstuffs are perfectly portioned for your body, and are balanced in nutrition as well.

Nutrisystem offers basic meal plans, core meal plans, vegetarian meal plans, basic and core diabetic meal plans and custom meal plans which you can uniquely prepare a list for yourself!

nutrisystem results

Everything is budget-friendly and delivered right at your doorstep!

The best part about eating such varieties every day is that these don’t even cost you a lot of money. The prices are extremely affordable, plus you can always use your discount codes for $2 less on a day’s food that would’ve cost you about $10 otherwise. So I was eating a burger for lunch, cheaper than at a fast food, and I was still losing weight at the same time! Also, if you are wondering, these foodstuffs are extremely tasty! Having a lot of chocolate cravings was one of the main reasons I could not continue my earlier salad diets, but now, I can have a chocolate bar, or a chocolate muffin which is just as tasty, plus portable.

Nutrisystem has the best staff; they deliver your food at your doorstep, and they are always open for queries. They always seem so happy to take any feedback or compliment. You can also choose to change your meal plan, or ask for suggestions, or just tell them how amazing it has been since you started the program, and how much you appreciate their deals.

After experiencing the program for about ten months, I have come up with some pros and cons about the Nutrisystem meal plans to help you decide:


  • Instantaneous results
  • Save money
  • No need to spend hours at the gym


  • Less eating out
  • Having to spend time on coupon-hunting
  • Difficult to continue following the meal plan at first

In just ten months, I have lost a total of 55 pounds and I have never been happier with my body; it’s like going back to being thirty! Nowadays, I don’t go out to eat that much, but sometimes my friends and I like to catch up for a few drinks. It’s such a nice feeling when I meet them because every time I get to hear “Wow, Becka, you really are ready with your summer body!” All thanks to Nutrisystem, it came like a blessing to me, and now I don’t have to look at old pictures of me in my thirties and feel bad about my present body… It’s hard to believe but I’m much more in shape now than I was back then!